ABS Food proposes to the vegetarian and vegan market a new range of innovative vegetable textured products, starting from raw materials such as pea, corn and wheat.
TVP of different shapes and sizes are produced throughout mechanical extrusion process and particular thermal treatments; it is placed close attention to temperature control in order to preserve as much as possible the natural qualities of the raw materials, the content of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.
These valuable alternatives to meat and fish has high levels of protein and complete amino acid profile, the fat contained in these ingredients are mostly unsaturated and present in limited quantities.
ABS TVP can be used in soups, cereals and breakfast preparations, in meat or meat preparations such as meatballs, burgers and steaks, fillings, and sauces such as vegetable ragout. They give texture to the dough and increase protein content in recipes.

These products are available in many granulometric alternatives, minced, chunks and steaks.

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