Excellence is achieved because of genuine elements, natural resources destined to become sustainable products that are both ecological and healthy. This is acknowledged not only by our clients, but also by the numerous certifications that attest compliance of ABS Food and its partners with the most stringent environmental and nutritional standards throughout the entire production chain. A guarantee provided by international certifying bodies such as CERT ID, an independent concern that guarantees and monitors traceability of the NON-GMO production chain: from sowing to cultivation, up until delivery of the finished product.

Thanks to our innovative Research and Development unit, over the years an ABS Food range has been added; initially focusing on the specific market of Non-GMO products, it now boasts a broad offer covering the organic, gluten free, and allergen free sectors. The market trend today, increasingly focused on health products and nutraceuticals has resulted in the company specializing in specific diets: Low Carb, Low GI (low glycemic content), Low Fat, Vegan, Vegetarian and Health.