Since 1996 ABS Food’s partner for soy/lupin/pea fullfatted NON OGM toasted and untoasted.
The raw material that comes from Austrian GMO crops, is carefully selected. Soja Austria flours comply the CERT-ID and Kosher standards and the entire production process is strictly controlled from planting to final harvest.

Since 1999 ABS Food’ s partner for sourdough and starter.
The company’s core skills are the development, production and sale of natural baking ingredients for improving the flavor and texture of bakery products. BÖCKER’s whole corporate culture is geared towards optimum customer benefit.

Since 2000 ABS Food’ s partner for gluten, pregelatinized flours and starches.
“For many generation we do what we can do best: wheat starch.
For more than 100 years and this improving quality. For improved human health and the quality of life.”
The products derived from raw materials carefully selected and processed with untreated and drinking water. The processing methods applied are designed for preserving the natural goodness of the raw materials. The result is to achieve clean products of the highest quality, fulfilling the most individual quality requirements. Since many years Kröner offers gluten free products too. Kröner STARKE BIO GmbH is a branch of the Company that provides the organic range from 2015.

Tate & Lyle
Since 2012 ABS Food’ s partner for oat ingredients.
“A global provider of distinctive, high quality ingredients and solutions to the food, beverage and other industries.”

Cerealien Bischheim
Since 2011 ABS Food’ s partner for malted flour, flakes and grains.
“It is 100 years and counting for Bindewald. From the get-go and through thick and thin, we served the food and beverage industry as their reliable partner. Our mid-sized company supplies customers with wheat, rye, and malt fl our as well as with barley and wheat brewing malts. Bindewald is situated in one of
the most fertile grain cultivation areas in Germany’s southwest. This and our combined mill-malt house operations give us a unique advantage as supplier of grain products.”

Since 2015 ABS Food’ s partner for TVP e FROZEN.
HUNG YANG FOOD is an historical Taiwanese producer from raw materials such as starches, flours and vegetable proteins; with mechanical extrusion process and particular thermal treatments, is able to make products with different shapes and sizes. Throughout the production is placed close attention to temperature control in order to preserve as much as possible the natural qualities of the raw materials, the content of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. The colors and textures of the products are defined in order to reproduce as much as possible the appearance of products based on meat / fish and to meet and satisfy the requirements of palatability and taste of the final consumer.

Since 2018 ABS Food’s partner for pea based products.
NISCO Aps born in 2018 by a joint venture between AM Nutrition and Nakskov Mill Food, is a global Danish producer of ingredients for food use and pea based applications.
NISCO Aps employs a team of highly qualified specialists; guarantees a steady and valuable technical support, a control of the nutritional aspect of the products and an efficient service to the customers. The plants, all located in Northern Europe, are at the forefront of advanced process technology and know-how.