Lupin plant belongs, like soy, to the legume family. This plant has been known and used for centuries.
SOJA AUSTRIA products derived from lupin come from selected seeds, deamed and then thermally treated to eliminate the presence of alkaloids.

Among the main characteristics of lupin flour are high water absorption capacity (about twice than soy flour), presence of up to 2% of lecithin, antioxidants, tocopherol and carotenoids that give the dough a natural bright sunny yellow color, allowing a more economical use of yolk for dry baked products and pasta.

The most important applications of these references are in the field of bakery products, bread biscuits, breadsticks and bars.
Due to the careful selection of raw materials, SOJA AUSTRIA products are free from bitterness and offer a pleasant nutty taste.
Other applications are in the pasta (especially made with eggs), spreadable creams, ice creams, chocolate and blends for baking.