Oat fibers and proteins

Since 2012 TATE&LYLE is our partner for oat products.

PromOAT™ is a natural dietary oat fiber with 35% of Betaglucans, valuable allies that have cholesterol-lowering properties. Because it is a soluble fiber, betaglucan slows down food transit in the intestines. This means that it takes longer for the body to digest food. Slower digestion means the body doesn’t absorb sugar as quickly, reducing the likelihood of blood sugar spikes and helping keep blood sugar levels stable. Beta glucan is indigestible, so it goes through the whole digestive tract. As it travels through, it can take cholesterol out with it, lowering levels.
This fiber can successfully added to a wide range of food, especially those related to the Health branch, from beverage to nutritional supplement products, from bakery to protein bars, drinkable super meals, biscuits and pasta.
In addition, the emulsifying properties make it ideal for preparations like vegetable mayonnaise, creams, soups and vegan sauces.

PrOAtein is a natural concentrated oat protein.
This ingredient, which contains only protein of plant origin, is rich in dietary-indispensable amino acids, including the desirable branched chain amino acids that are important for muscle growth and muscle recovery.
It is a valuable alternative to increase protein content and nutritional values in bakery products, snacks or bars, supplements and vegetarian/vegan products.