The new frontier in the nutritional challenge focuses on the sensitive domain of health. ABS Health extends beyond excellence to feed the future.
Nature is the solid base underlying the development of a product-featuring benefit: a balanced compensation of the daily diet. Following on from the “free from”, the concept of PLUS is introduced in keeping with a philosophy of nutrition in which the protagonists are natural ingredients providing a healthy supplement to the daily diet.

ABS Health offers products derived from Nature, capable of definitively revolutionizing eating habits, a genuine health supplement to promote a common wellbeing. Through a specialized division of functional foods we aim to strengthen nutrition and enhance the natural protection of good health.

Invaluable soluble plant fibers made up of glucose molecules: full-blown allies in the fight to lower LDL cholesterol in the intestine and increase the sensation of satiety.

Metabolized essential fatty acids: undisputed protagonists for a healthy heart, and functional for a series of other organs, they possess anti- inflammatory properties.

Components: particularly effective in the prevention of osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Multifunctional agents with valuable properties: they regulate cholesterol, improve body metabolism and rebalance the nervous system.