Since 1910 ERNST BÖCKER GmbH produces sourdoughs and natural yeasts from carefully selected natural flours. These products are obtained through traditional methods and for the production are used only cereals and pseudo cereals. The results of specific use of microorganisms (fermentation) are valuable sourdoughs that satisfy highest quality standards.

In large fermenters sourdoughs ripen their characteristic flavor with the help of innovative roasting and drying roller technologies, the aroma precursors are highly concentrated the aromas are released over time, even after baking: the bread maintains its fragrance and its aroma longer.

BÖCKER Company respects the times and controls the acidity of the dough for a stable quality product.

BÖCKER sourdoughs are stable and easy to measure out, improve elasticity and workability, extend the shelf-life of finished products, and can be used for bread, pizza, croissants, panettone, pandoro and in baked products.